Nyfasi - Deluxe Detangler Hairbrush

"This innovative comb allows for people with afro-textured hair to detangle and condition their hair at the same time, making these hair care steps easier and less time-consuming."

There are few haircare products designed for the particular requirements of the Black and Afro Hair community, which has largely been ignored by the major beauty brands. Caring for natural, healthy hair can be a challenge for this community, with no products currently available designed specifically for this task. Nyfasi is a deluxe detangling comb with a patented mechanism that coats a user's natural hair with conditioner while the wide-tooth comb detangles easily without discomfort. The product has been extensively designed and tested by the users themselves to celebrate and support natural, healthy Black and Afro hair.

PDR Design 
IF Design Award 2022 
IDEA Finalist 2022

Sketch @Carmen Wong

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