Strike Instrument for Intramedullary Nail
Strike instrument part of the TN-Advanced™ tibial nailing system. This extention helps with the insertion of a medullary nail into the tibia bone. The design aims to reduce the complexity of the process and to reduce surgical time.

The strike instrument attachment steps and touch points were reduced to the minimum. As a result, all parts of the system can be linked quickly and intuitively. Acoustic and tactile click signals give the surgeon the secure feeling that the instruments are properly mounted.

"Getting the chance to work along the R&D and Human Factors Design Team to work in the improvement of the tools usability by focusing on the human factor was a life time experience and project. Extremly excited to see them out in the world helping surgeons to do their work better and faster"

Year / 2018
Company / Depuy Synthes / Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices 
Team / Yvonne SCHUMACHER, Gaser El Zoghbi, Nicholas Van Stolk, Dominik Daniel Bini Falconi ,Johnson & Johnson Industrial and Human Factors / DePuy Synthes R&D 
Fabrication/ DePuy Synthes 
Award/ Red Dot Design Award 2021

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