The Nio car keyfob redefines traditional keyfobs by blending seamless daily integration and intuitive use. It's more than a tool for unlocking or starting your car; it's a part of your daily routine, whether commuting, running errands, or taking kids to school. With its button-less, tactile design, it offers a sleek, modern experience without compromising functionality, revolutionizing car keyfob concepts.
More than 20 million vehicles reach the end of life each year in the EU and the US. With their complex, multi-material construction and integrated controls, Steering wheels defy recycling. They make up most of the 25% of each vehicle that ends up in a landfill every year. Cercle is the first automotive steering wheel to adopt a circular economy approach to design. That enables easy, complete disassembly and recycling while incorporating complex controls and haptic feedback into a high-quality standard form.
Metra optical is an emerging sunglass company  that embraces the here and now of Mexican culture, sharing design proposal with the world: that reflects honesty, avant-garde and exclusive. The Metra Optical sunglasses are designed in Mexico and produced in Italy. In each edition metra optical shares the creativity and Mexican talent trough out limited sunglasses that are the must of each season.
Aura uses revolutionary patented technology to generate Hydroxyl radicals that create a cloud of clean, sterile air in front of a users face. Hydroxyls are a natural atmospheric cleaning agent that destroy all types of pollutant and pathogen, including airborne Covid-19 virus on contact to create safe air and surfaces.
BWARE is a portable electric grill designed to be shared, a grill that invites friends and family to spend time together by turning food into a moment of joy. For BWARE we wanted to involve the entire family and friends in the process avoiding what we would call a “one stand grill user” in doing so we drove the product development around the experience of “cooking together” bringing the grill to the dining table allowing family or friends to interact and share the food on the table.
Strike instrument part of the TN-Advanced™ tibial nailing system. This extention helps with the insertion of a medullary nail into the tibia bone. The design aims to reduce the complexity of the process and to reduce surgical time.
Edn is an app that increases the efficacy of sexual education programs for teenagers. The app encourages users (aged 14+) to take control of their sex lives based on health, desire, and pleasure. In Mexico, sexual education has always been a controversial topic. The main problem is that it hasn't been properly addressed.
Seeking to redefine the ordinary by designing home products used in our daily life.  All the products developed for Bend Mexico are done without the use of welding, using only folded metal sheets  as the prime material and process. 
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